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Premium League of Legends elo boosting service

At primeboosting we strive to provide high quality elo boosting services for league of legends. We have a professional team of highly experienced players ready to boost your LoL division. We have created a process where communication is easy and we have detailed tracking so at all times you know what is going on with your elo boost order.

normal elo boosting

The traditional elo boosting service but the most effective. We play ranked on your account until the desired division is reached. This comes with a high winrate which will also give you a healthy mmr!

duo queue elo boosting

Play on your own league of legends account. With the aid of our professional elo boosting team you can easily climb the ranked ladder. We are dynamic and will play according to your schedule.

lol placement boost

Placements are extremely important. Those 10 lol matches count really heavy towards your mmr and in which division you will be placed. We guarantee a winrate of 80% so you can have a headstart in ranked!

Here's What Our Customers Are Saying

james elo boost review

Fast elo gains, good rates, easy communication

Primeboosting is simply amazing. They match rates with cheaper website and the boosting was amazing. The elo gains were super fast. a 73% winrate! Communication with my booster was easy too! Really happy with the overall service.


rosie elo boost review

Friendly boosters and high winrate. Super satisfied!

I ordered a boost to Platinum III from gold V. With primeboosting's order tracking I knew at all times what was going on and ordering was super easy! The boosters are super friendly too! They gave even me some free pro tips!


logan elo boost review

Easy order process and fast completion

Within 20 minutes after ordering I got a booster. I could directly talk to him and he played around my schedule. Ordering was super fast and easy. They were done with my order faster than expected. Thank you primeboosting!



How does it work?

Pick your start and desired rank

For both normal and duoQ boosting we first have to know your current league of legends rank and your desired rank. With our user friendly order page you can easily customize your order to match your needs. Once you have selected the right start/desired elo you can proceed.

new or existing customer?

Create or login into your primeboosting account

Are you a new customer? Welcome! At primeboosting we require a logged in account before you can order. Within a few seconds you can make one. We require no annoying confirmation. Just an email,nickname and password. Once registered you can proceed to the next step where you provide us with your league of legends information.

LoL account information

Which account has the honour to get boosted?

For normal league of legends elo boosting orders we need to be able to login into your league of legends account. Provide us with that information in a form that we have provided for you. No worries if you notice a mistake afterwards, you have the ability to edit all information at all times!

Payment information

Pay your elo boost order

Last but not least your order has to be paid. On the final page of the checkout process you will see an overview of what you are ordering and how much it will cost. Once satisfied pick your preferred payment method. You will be redirected to a payment page. Once paid you will be notified that an order has been created. A booster will shortly after play or play with you.